Quality & Environmental

Quality Policy

Our teammates are committed to supplying Nylon 6 yarns, Nylon 6 resins and various tire cord and industrial fabrics that exceed the expectations of “The BOSS”.

Our quality management system is based on the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and teammate involvement. Through this system, we will continually improve the quality of our products and the effectiveness of our quality management system, so that our products meet or exceed customer requirements. We will monitor this by focusing on customer satisfaction, production efficiency and quality improvements, while maintaining a safe and environmentally conscientious workplace.

The principle, “World Class Quality” will guide all teammates in our jobs to achieve this objective. Quality improvements and customer satisfaction are the responsibility of all teammates.

We will focus on continual improvements using data-based decision making, open communication, teammate education and effective quality oriented management systems to meet our Quality Objectives.


Environmental Policy

We will supply Nylon-6 yarns, Nylon-6 resins, various tire cord and industrial fabrics and ultimately the final product will exceed the expectation of “THE BOSS”.

The EMS System will provide a structure for communication, training and risk assessment to improve our environmental performance. It is everyone’s responsibility to observe and promote our environmental programs. The success of reducing our environmental foot-print depends on the support and commitment of our employees, contractors and visitors.

Firestone Textiles shall:

Comply with all applicable legal requirements and other commitments relating to our environmental aspects, and support the principles and goals of the Bridgestone Global Environmental Mission Statement.

Identify potential environmental aspects / impacts of our business and take measures to reduce them.

Commit to continuous improvement in environmental health, conservation, and prevention of pollution. Top management will establish objectives, set targets and review our progress towards these goals.